Nova Export SAC

Peruvian Company Nova Export SAC
Founded in 2005
Business registration number: 42
Production and exportation of peruvian handicraft & Foreign Trade Advisor
Owner and director: Yliana Llanos - International Business Advisor

هاتف   : هاتف : 51988479008
الدولة بيرو,, Callao
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Nova Export SAC, Peruvian company with years of experience producing and exporting quality Peruvian handicrafts: Births and Christmas decorations made by hand in clay, vases of chululcanas clay, Traditional Peruvian Musical Instruments, Christmas hanging gourd (pumpkin) engraved, and souvenirs of sheepsken (purses) . Request our catalogs. Production on demand and sales only wholesale.

We also offer, Foreign Trade Outsourcing for your company. We help Entrepreneurs, Merchants, Startups, Mypes and the general public, to boost your business, to integrate into the world of international business. We provide Consulting and Integral Development for all your operations related to Exports & Imports: Treatment, Coordination and Monitoring with suppliers and clients abroad, International Costs and Quotations, Planning, development and execution, Customs Brokerage, Procedures, Insurance and International Transportation. Efficiency and efficiency to the maximum for the success of your company.
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Nova Export SAC الاسم التجاري
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بيرو  البلد
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